INSEC Exhibition and Conference...

INSEC is an event lasting two days with a format combining an exhibition with a conference. On the one hand, it enables the uniformed services modernization goals, priorities and achievements to be presented during discussion panels together with experiences from Poland and other countries, but it also creates opportunities to showcase advanced technologies for the border and internal security system under conditions of complete transparency.

The topics of the discussion panels held as part of the conference will cover a great many currently relevant issues:
• The experience of Poland and other countries in protecting the European Union’s external borders
• Advanced solutions and technologies for border protection
• Crime and terrorism using IT tools: threats, technologies, solutions
• Modernization of the uniformed services: new solutions for officer safety and comfort
• Security at large-scale events: good practices and technologies
• Security of critical infrastructure: technologies and good practices

Meanwhile, the exhibition will be an opportunity to present and review a wide range of equipment representing technologies and products dedicated for use by the Border Guard, Police, Fire Brigade and other formations handling similar or complementary tasks in Poland and abroad. The flexible arrangement of the exhibition space also creates convenient possibilities of presenting large-sized exhibits, including vehicles, both indoors and outdoors.

Detailed information:

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